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Modulation - Dingle Music | Music Theory Course Guides


That’s a technical term, that is.

For any non-musicians reading this, modulation is when a piece of music changes key.
Ah – that probably doesn’t help non-musicians… let’s put it another way.
A piece of music has a certain “feel” to it – if it’s in a major key, it generally has a kind of sunshiny, happy mood. If it then modulates – there’s that word again – to a minor key, it will generally feel as if the sun has gone behind a cloud – and then if it modulates back to the major, it’s as if the sun has come out again.

Anyway, enough of the technical stuff.
This post is about a modulation of a different kind.

dinglemusic is modulating. Not disappearing, not ceasing to publish – but the day-to-day distribution will no longer be done by Yours Truly.

There are two reasons for this.
The main one is that Chamberlain Music is now handling all of the distribution. They are very experienced in this field with a well-established Logistics team and can offer a far more efficient service than I can from home.

The other is that I’m not as young as I was and am moving towards complete retirement from teaching.
However, there’s plenty of life in the old girl yet… and whilst some of the lyrics in this are undoubtedly true (not least my reaction to interminable on-hold music only to find myself, at the end of the process, holding on to a now-dead line to a possibly non-existent call-centre) others aren’t yet.

So dinglemusic’s modulation will mean the sun will come out from behind the clouds in every sense. Customers will receive an even more efficient service, and I will get to spend more time enjoying my family, gardening, sailing, making music and writing.

I very much hope to find more time to post on this blog – helpful material regarding the teaching of music theory and also more light-hearted musings on the ways of the world from a musician’s perspective.
So Watch This Space!


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